AYTCreators, to firefox French avatar

I was watching this morning. I noticed that she started using @firefox ! A creator using !


OBS is also FOSS 😉

AYTCreators, avatar

@Tinkering_Gator @firefox @Firefox yeah , I see most of the creators I watch use chrome or opera. It’s truly a miracle.

arstechnica, to random avatar
ZillaMon, avatar

@arstechnica panzer goes bye bye

Klassika, avatar
eniko, (edited ) to random avatar

Does your server federate with threads? If so, have you seen any posts from there?

djlink, avatar

@slyecho @eniko ah right, yes I can see it, so I guess mine is connected, maybe I've been seeing those but didn't knew where they were from. thanks

saga, avatar

@aeva @eniko yeah it's not blocked on - for science I follow a couple of coworkers who are on threads and have their bridge enabled. I don't really imagine there will be problems until the bridge allows threads user accounts to interact with fedi accounts. Then we'll get the bots and all the nonsense that exists over there over here and having an instance block will be more of an issue.

eniko, to random avatar

Lmao Tesla has sold fewer cybertrucks than I've sold copies of MidBoss. Is this the power of the richest man in the world? Pathetic

SnoopJ, avatar

@foone @eniko I mean as far as bosses go he is pretty mid but I imagine Eniko's still got him beat

eniko, avatar

@SnoopJ @foone sure do!

nixCraft, to random avatar

Question: Why do most programmers/developers use a dark theme while writing software/code?

Answer: Because light attracts bugs.

Snowshadow, avatar

@nixCraft 👏 😆

ang6666, avatar

@nixCraft I hate that I laughed 😅

arstechnica, to random avatar

Philosopher Daniel Dennett dead at 82

Part of the "New Atheist" movement, best known for work on consciousness, free will.

dorart33, avatar

@arstechnica Ars longa, vita brevis.

nixCraft, to random avatar

People at coffee shops think I am a hacker when they see me open a terminal application 🙄

avlcharlie, avatar

I know it's a funky url and I haven't been there in years but hacker used to be a web page that look like a terminal and all you had to do was beat on the keyboard and it wrote what looked like code in a black and green screen. Legit look like hacking lol.

TruculentGoose, avatar

@nixCraft when I want to feel cool I update my repo in public

sascha, to random German avatar

Interviewer: How many image formats do you want?
Vulkan: Yes!
Interviewer: How many letters do you need at most?

On a more serious note I finally started working on adding support for VkFormatFeatureFlagBits2 to the caps viewer and database. Not sure yet how to present that information in a nice-to-look-at way.

sascha, avatar

@aras "Fun" fact. Thanks to Vulkan I found out that MySQL has a max. length for column names ^^

Ck, avatar

@aras @sascha I wonder what would be the java wrapper name for this functionality. I bet it is at least 50 more chars including stuff like, builder, decorator, and manager

nixCraft, to random avatar

TIL, Netflix has hello world in production 🤔

hvdklauw, avatar

@nixCraft probably just the bare bones health check page

EuCaue, avatar

@nixCraft "Hello World!!"

grumpygamer, to random avatar

Real or The Onion headline: "Target confirms it’s all but completely ditching DVDs in physical stores"

Cheff, avatar

@grumpygamer Onion. That was a real headline 15 years ago, and the ol' cut-and-cry thinks it's funny to just announce it now.

w7voa, to random avatar

NY AG Letitia James files a memorandum of opposition to the surety company that holds the $175 million bond for Donald Trump as he appeals the $460 million decision against him in the civil fraud trial earlier this year.

RememberUsAlways, avatar


It should be considered fraud to even consider what Knight and Trump are trying to pull with this delay.

arstechnica, to random avatar

CNN, record holder for shortest streaming service, wants another shot

New CNN head thinks CNN+ "was abandoned rather briskly."


@arstechnica not just killing products faster than Google, killing them more than once 😂

ischargedwith, avatar

@arstechnica More news streaming is all We need. Add another 100 posts to an already Free feed. Maybe it's like psychology, it doesn't work, if You don't pay?

QasimRashid, to random avatar

College kids today grew up with our nation at war their entire life, the worst economic inequality in a century, multiple economic collapses, exploitative tuition, unaffordable housing, inaccessible healthcare, a climate in crisis, a devastating pandemic, creeping fascism—& yet the powers that be are surprised that college students are also unrepentantly angry about genocide???

RememberUsAlways, avatar

@QasimRashid The suggestion of guilt before trial and conviction is a slippery slope. Even the Nazis were given a trial.

arstechnica, to random avatar

Long-lost model of the USS Enterprise returned to Roddenberry family

It showed up in an eBay listing; now Roddenberry's son wants to show it to fans.

rotopenguin, avatar

@arstechnica as Captain Picard would say

HarleyWarren, avatar
matias_hettich, to random Spanish avatar

I need an easier way to learn AnimationPlayer and AnimationTree in 😭

Why there's an animation called ↩️ RESET in the middle of the other animations I made 👀

Why the AnimationTree does like mixing all the animations together and when I click on "Deterministic" on the Animation Player it doesn't do that anymore, what does "Deterministic" mean? 🤨

For the record I know sooner or later I'll understand it. It still kind of goes over my head how all that works 🤔

beeoproblem, avatar

@matias_hettich From my understanding: "RESET" is meant to contain a default pose. When you first create a keyframe it will give you an option to add it to RESET as well.

Or you could manually set up RESET before starting to create other animations.

matias_hettich, avatar


Oh, ok! That's why it looked like the last animation I added or something like that, I thought it was a random sprite that it was pointing to or something like that. 🤣

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