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Ukraine weapons package ‘ready to go’ once aid bill clears Congress (

The Pentagon has a massive infusion of military aid for Ukraine “ready to go,” U.S. officials said, once a long-delayed funding measure, which is expected to pass the House this weekend, clears the Senate next week and President Biden signs it into law....

Iran consulate in Paris cordoned off following report someone entered with an explosive (

A man was arrested as a large security perimeter was deployed around the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris, at mid-day on Friday, April 19. Security services were alerted to the presence of a person suspected of carrying an explosive device. Paris police officials told Agence France-Presse the man was arrested....

France urged to repay billions of dollars to Haiti for independence ‘ransom’ (

France should repay billions of dollars to Haiti to cover a debt formerly enslaved people were forced to pay in return for recognising the island’s independence, according to a coalition of civil society groups that is launching a new push for reparations....

Argentina asks to join NATO as President Milei seeks a more prominent role for his nation (

Argentina formally requested on Thursday to join NATO as a global partner, a status that would clear the way for greater political and security cooperation at a time when the right-wing government of President Javier Milei aims to boost ties with Western powers and attract investment....

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