Toyota cars collecting and potentially sharing location data and personal information, Choice says, and it's not the only car brand facing privacy concerns (

Rafi Alam from CHOICE told The World Today: “When we looked at Toyota’s privacy policy, we found that these Connected Services features will collect data such as fuel levels, odometer readings, vehicle location and driving data, as well as personal information like phone numbers and email addresses.”...

Brave Browser > Firefox

I’ve read many posts asking users to download Firefox but when a noob like me goes to google play store, it shows Firefox collects user activity, location and other data but for Brave it says that Brave doesn’t collect any data or share any data. A company like google must do a thorough investigation before putting an app of...

Why did we care that Taylor Swift was ATTENDING the super bowl

I don’t follow sports nor care enough about pop music to really know what was going on. I truly though she would be performing with the sheer amount of press on the matter even here. What the hell did Republicans think she was going to do inside a luxury box other than have weirdos snap photos of her drinking beer?

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