Apple pulls WhatsApp, Threads and Signal from app store in China (

Apple has complied with the Chinese government’s request to remove several popular communication apps from its app store, including WhatsApp, Threads, Signal, and Telegram, due to national security concerns. This action was taken following a directive from the Cyberspace Administration of China. These apps have been crucial...

Apple Removes WhatsApp, Threads, Telegram, and Signal from China App Store, says it complied with orders from the Chinese government (

Apple said it complied with orders from the Chinese government to remove the Meta-owned WhatsApp and Threads from its App Store in China. Apple also removed Telegram and Signal from China....

Are you running a Tor Relay?

Hiya, so been on the lookout for different services that I could help host for others to benefit from. I think TOR is a great project, and I’d like to contribute. So been thinking about hosting a TOR relay lately, and wondering how people’s experience is with running one? Please correct me if I’m wrong - but as far as I...

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