Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom (

One woman miscarried in the restroom lobby of a Texas emergency room as front desk staff refused to admit her. Another woman learned that her fetus had no heartbeat at a Florida hospital, the day after a security guard turned her away from the facility. And in North Carolina, a woman gave birth in a car after an emergency room...

I feel proud of myself to recognize that this iconic dude is not at a 'computer', rather, a [dumb] terminal! ]Or...?] (

Terminals are NOT computers. At least dumb terminals are not. Smart terminals do have logic circuit, but dumb terminals work mostly like televisions, except they have protocols (like when you send a SIGINT signal with CTRL+C, and you are a 80s academic working on his terminal at UC Berkeley, then your UNIX implementation —...

When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?

Practically every email I’ve received in maybe the past year has started with “I hope you are well”. I even had an LLM draft a placeholder email for me and it started with the same thing. This has not always been the case and it’s strange to me that everyone I interact with begins their emails with this line. Frankly,...

The hidden potential of bicycles (

The average modern person, by one calculation, spends more than 1,600 hours a year to pay for their cars, their insurance, fuel and repairs. We go to jobs partly to pay for the cars, and we need the cars mostly to get to jobs. We spend four of our sixteen waking hours on the road or gathering the resources for the car....

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