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Admin of, creator of Interstellar.

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Software Developer, Switzerland
Languages: German, Allemanic (Swiss German), English
Hobbies: Gaming, Anime

I almost only watch seasonal anime.
As for games, I currently mostly play Star Rail, Noita, and Shotgun King. cover

If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at @worldwithoutus (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at @worldnews, (Link for Lemmy = worldnews), @movies, (Lemmy = movies), and am a ghost at @13thfloor (Lemmy = 13th Floor). cover

This is a recording. cover

old, stupid

Basically a deer with a human face. Despite probably being some sort of magical nature spirit, his interests are primarily in technology and politics and science fiction.

Spent many years on Reddit and is now exploring new vistas in social media. cover

some guy sharing his thoughts

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pretty cool places that I moderate:

Cripple. History Major. Vaguely left-wing.

Moved to @jwr1


Ran away from reddit, trying to wrap my head around this Fediverse thing.

Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Alts: @Kierunkowy74 ( @Kierunkowy74 (PieFed)
Polish account: @Kierunkowy74
Mastodon: @74 or @Kierunkowy74 (alt)

2 Kings 2:23-24: A story about what happens when you make fun of bald dudes

Proud to be a defender of the faith.

My content may not be sold or used to train AI models without my consent.

Quite possibly a luddite. cover

Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block. cover

♡ im minnie ♡
she/her - 21

my scripts
KES cover

Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

I’m moving off kbin to lemmy, so I won’t be posting from here (unless kbin social gets it together).

Mastodon: @stopthatgirl7
Lemmy: [email protected] cover

Software Engineer & DevOps Architect. Mbin contributor (and creator of the fork).

He/him 🇳🇱

Mastodon - Matrix - Homepage - Donate me cover

zu testzwecken > this is my favorite alt acc on the fedi cover

I'm just an internet explorer.

日本語 OK • 中文 OK • tiếng việt OK


#linguistics #nlp #compling #linux #foss


Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it.
Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over! cover

Great American humorist. C# developer. Open source enthusiast.

XMPP: [email protected]
Mastodon: [email protected]

If needed, I can speak 🇧🇷/🇺🇸/🇪🇸, and a bit of 🇯🇵/🇳🇴 cover

Reddit: u/Somewhereunknown7351

Hypixel forums: Someplaceunknown

WorldAnvil: Someplaceunknown


Iamashifter cover

Professional industrial and jewelry designer (here's my Bēhance portfolio), hard-sci-fi enjoyer, cat lover and procrastinator. Started a few communities on kbin: Urban Details, Industrial Design and Jewelry Design, feel free to join if you find those interesting.
You can tip me if you like or use something I made. cover

I'm the linux techie bird nerd horror aficionado lady your mother warned you about. Pinging cyberspace since the days of legend when modems shook hands and audibly greeted one another.

Certified HTML 4 Coder Proficient in Frames.

If Visual Basic = True Then Jeze = Hip and With it!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Steam: Jezebelley
Discord: Jezebelley

#linux #foss #tech #computers #gaming #retro cover

For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.

#music #poetry #politics #LGBTQ+ #magick #fiction #imagination #tech

the /kbin admins haven't deleted my account yet. hopefully before 2025?

  • Latin Mass Catholic.
  • Father of 11 Children.
  • Business Owner.

Interests: Linux, Economics, Politics, & Religion.

You can find me on Mastodon:

I write code and play games and stuff. My old username from reddit and HN was already taken and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to be called so I just picked some random characters like this:

>>> import random
>>> ''.join([random.choice("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789") for x in range(5)])

My avatar is a quick doodle made in KolourPaint. I might replace it later. Maybe.


Alt: [email protected] cover

(҂⌣̀_⌣́) cover

I like turning things into other things
he/him | California, USA
#magicthegathering #hardware #mechanicalkeyboards #reverseengineering cover

Welcome to my little kbin instance and account.

ゲームが好きです。配信もしています。気軽に楽しくやりましょう。ゲーム以外もいろいろな趣味があります。よろしくお願いします。Playing Games. Streaming Games. Games for everyone. I have some hobbies outside of games, too. Nice to meet you.


#gaming #dnd #twitch #ttrpg #xbox #xboxSeriesX #games #Bilingual #casualGames #ConsoleGaming #dndj #dnd5e #adhd #日本語 #adhd cover

#Filipino 🇵🇭 Aro/Ace 💜🖤

A fellow supporter of #FOSS and The #Fediverse

#Philippines #fedi22

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