the /kbin admins haven't deleted my account yet. hopefully before 2025?

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Any othet alternative to telegram that is more open sourced , privacy ,security focused is available in fdroid etc.

Wanted to know if there are any other android apps with features like telegram such as sending ,recieving big files creating channels etc. Using a bot or channel in telegram to pirate movies and series are infinitely easier than torrenting . But as telegram is not fully open source and requires a phone number to create an...

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IRC works almost the exact same way, there are bots that you can use to request content. It seems like you're asking for suggestions only to shoot them down without even knowing what the suggestion is.

Torrenting also works really well as long as you have your client set up correctly - there are many, many YouTube videos about how to set up qBittorrent, Deluge, Transmission, etc.

This post should be step 1 for you, no one is going to give you instructions because you didn't ask for them.

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I'm not really interested in creating a detailed write-up/tutorial. But generally speaking, the client doesn't matter. I'd go with Revolution but if Goguma works for you, use that.

The main thing that you'll need to choose is what server you want to join - you can search online for what IRC servers and channels are good for pirated content. FMHY has resources on this too.

Ultimately, learning how to find these answers on your own will make things go smoother for you. It has literally never been easier to teach yourself how to do something than right now. Good luck.

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