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Yeah, I'm actually surprised myself how snappy it is. I have a really slow tablet from 2018 that I use, and opening a browser (and loading the website) takes up to a whole minute, but opening the app only takes up to 5 seconds, the difference is crazy.

Icon design request for Interstellar ( )

At the moment, the programming of Interstellar is going well (if you want to help with that, see below), but I do need help with an icon design. I'm not that great at designing things and don't have a whole lot of time to do it anyway, so if any of you wanted to create some drafts for an icon (I was thinking something space...

Updates on Interstellar kbin app: account login, voting, subscriptions, and more ( )

If you haven't been following the Interstellar magazine, I've added a lot of functionality since the last thread here, including views for magazines/users/domains, better navigation for wider screens, QoL additions (like the @ button to reveal originating domain, inspired by Artemis), and a lot of different bug/functionality...

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Unfortunately, not yet. Only once the api is enabled for (you can check by seeing if the API docs page loads) will it work. At the moment, the only api enabled instances I know of include,,, and While working on the app, I found a kbin bug that causes logins to fail, so unless they've updated already, it's possible is the only instance you can actually log in on.

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I already found a bug where voting/boosting the main thread on a details/comments page doesn't update the status. So if you try to vote, it most likely has worked; it just didn't update the screen.

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Hopefully I won't abandon it, but if I did, it is open source, so at least someone else could pick it up (at some point, I'd like to get more maintainers, so I'm not the only one). Here you go for a chat room:, I did matrix to keep it close to the other kbin rooms.

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Are you planning on throwing a copy of your app in Google Play?

Yes, probably once it's more mature. I looked into the process already but was thrown off by the fact that Google wants my government ID (I'm a privacy advocate), but I'll probably end up doing it eventually. Also, if the project gets enough financing, I might put it on the Apple store as well.

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Honestly, that's pretty much what this post and the previous post were for. I'll probably make future posts for other major milestones here as well, and smaller milestone posts are on the Interstellar magazine.

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So if my kbin account is in, I am not able to login in the app at all?

That's correct, for now at least. It's not a limitation of the app, but that the API has not been enabled (by the admin) on this server yet. At the moment, might be the only server that has working login functionality, but you could try some of the other API enabled kbin servers, it'll pop up an error if they don't work. See my related comment here.

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Yes, it is already compatible. The UI won't look iOSy yet until I adjust it, but at least you'll get the geist. I'll see what I can do about the IPA.

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That would be amazing! Right now, the code is very unorganized, and the general workflow is unstructured, just so you know what to expect :) since it's only really two weeks old. Feel free to make pull requests for bug fixes, feature implementations, code organization improvements, etc. (later, I might have a more concrete list of what I'm trying to do). Also, considering this is only my first real Flutter app, it would be great to have suggestions for the overall code structure (right now it's a mess). If you want, you can join the matrix room as well, that'll make discussion easier.

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I might put it on there too, we'll have to see.

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I just made this GitHub issue detailing a list of some of the things that need to happen; if you're interested in anything, feel free to let me know (so I can avoid it) and have at it. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The People and Domains pages (in Explore) are now implemented ( )

Both the "People" and the "Domains" tabs in Explore now have content. You can also click on individual people or domains to bring up a feed by that group. Threads now have a globe button that opens the corresponding domain page. Unfortenelly, the API does not yet support collections (correct me if I'm wrong), so I can't work on...

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I agree with @Drewski, defederation should be the last choice. Kbin does have an option where you can block whole domains, so if you'd prefer that, go here and click the block button:

Prototype for new Kbin app: Interstellar ( )

I've been working for the past week on a new kbin app. At the moment, it's just a prototype and only the "Feed" view has content (you can't sign into an account or post anything yet); you can see threads, thread images, thread comments, thread links, and thread votes/boosts. You can also change the "Theme Mode" and "Instance...

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