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yeah its a big deal because of the spillover effort on how much easier this makes conversations with other gov officials about setting up a fedi server. I’m somewhat involved in this process at this point, and now being able to say that ‘biden is on the fediverse’ really impacts lobbying for the fediverse more broadly

Whenever the AT protocol of BlueSky is set for others to deploy, won't it have similar problems as ActivityPub instances?

I feel like I may be missing something when it comes to BlueSky, or maybe both I and those trying it out are but in different ways. My understanding is that BlueSky is currently like the Mastodon Social instance is for Mastodon but of the AT Protocol under development, with the long term aim being that once their protocol is...


I actually set out to answer this question in a blog post, but it turns out that the answer is quite complicated, so I have to write an entire series about it. First part I published this week, which explains all the different components that make up the Bluesky network:


I don’t think that they’ll run into the exact same problems that AP-fedi has, as the design decisions are often made specifically to avoid some of these. However, their design decisions create new sets of problems for the network, which I’ll get into later


Heya! Good answers earlier by you!

Yeah I think I’ll have to get into that, but I’m starting to run into the limit of not being a programmer myself, and information is pretty scarce on ATproto. The article differs from their own federation architecture description from earlier in the year, simply because its outdated and noone has formally written down the new info, so that was a bit of a struggle haha blueskyweb.xyz/…/5-5-2023-federation-architecture

At any rate, the PDS’s are amenable for sure. Robin Berjon is the furthest along with thinking here, with his AP over AT piece: berjon.com/ap-at/ Responses I’ve seen havent suggested its technically impossible, but probably difficult for reasons that I tuned out of reading because I didnt understand :D

Beyond that, people keep talking about the lexicon and how that at is core is also versatile; similar to how fedi has Mastodon’s type=Note that everyone uses, even though you can create any ‘type’ you want. I’m pretty sure that nobody has done that yet tho.


Oh thats an interesting question! I’m assuming you are talking about the UX/UI of instance selection?

And thats not something I have written about (neither does another article pop into my mind either sadly), but interesting idea for an article for sure to write about

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