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It’s your face and your tattoo, so if this is how you feel you need to express yourself I support it.

I owed Aaron Bushnell the time to listen to him and understand his message, even if I think I probably already agree with them.

Likewise, I think I ow this person the time to listen to them and understand their message, even if I think I probably don’t agree with them.

Unlike many people who think they are on the left, I actually do believe and am fully committed to the principle of individual liberties being inviolable. That includes gay rights, trans rights, religious rights, political views, an most importantly, that your body and mind are your own and there is no authority that can remove that agency from you.

Look if this is a rightwing conspiracy theorist and they believe this passionately in a fiction, consider that half the time when these nut jobs go off they shoot up a school or a sporting event. This person did the most extreme form of protest imaginable. But they also decided that they didn’t need to take others with them to make their point. We should try to understand why they made the conclusions they did, even if, especially if we don’t agree with how they arrived at them.


so that monk that kit himself up protesting the us invasion of Vietnam. He was mentally ill?


You might consider that you simply have a shallow experience of what it means to believe something. It’s not that different than signing up for the military in a time of war or running into a burning building to save a life.

It’s your decision, but it takes character to be willing to sacrifice yours self for something you truly believe in, for better or for worse.


it’s this the one where they ban social media that promotes an anti genocide, pro peace agenda or was that the other one?


Sounds like Iran is preparing a response (on some live streams on yt). They already turned the other cheek once. They won’t a second time.


Down voters need to take a hike. Biden and Democrats (right along side the Republicans) have done nothing but enable and embolden Bibi’s genocide in Palestine, offering only lipservice and more aid for Israel while allowing Ukraine to flounder.

This is on Joe Biden. Not Trump. Deal with it you neoliberal & neoconservative apologists.


He’s failed utterly for 6 months to do anything to reign in Israel when their genocide is being funded by US taxpayers. He’s had 6 months to yank Netanyahu’s leash and he’s refused so the entire time.

This ENTIRE situation is a result of US foreign policy: Its a direct consequence of Bidens failure of leadership.


Biden is the number on recipient of Israeli campaign contributions.

Bothsidesarethesame is actually the case here. Bidens throwing the election in because he refuses to budge on his foreign policy positions. He’s a neocon. Its like people apologizing for Biden have forgotten the previous 20 years of US history.

If Biden wants to be different, he actually has to be different.


Projecting a fantasy about what US’s actual foreign policy is much?


Sounds like drones as well according to BBC.


Ah yes, the apologists who insult that Biden needs to be supported blindly because the alternative is worse.

This is your war too, right along with Biden.


Bruh, what you don’t seem to be fucking noticing, is that the extant option is doing all of the above.

Your blind support of Joe Biden is an endorsement of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, and signals approval of Israels widening of the conflict to include Iran and Syria.

Yesterday Biden vetoed Palestinines recognition by the UN. Not Trump. Biden.

Bid n is bad enough that Trump is a non factor at this point and you are arguing in favor of both genocide and a regional war in the middle east.

Your the one who don’t seem to realize what’s at stake.

If you're selected for jury duty (US), should you give up your anonymous social media accounts?

I have old Facebook and Twitter accounts, maybe some others. I’m old so there’s a MySpace account out there. But I’ve mostly been using reddit the last decade or so, and have migrated to Lemmy. Now, Lemmy is the only social media i use. Recent news got me thinking about this question.


Man it must be nice to live in wherever bubble @morphballganon is in.



It’s the first criminal prosecution of a US President, ever.

Like it’s never happened before. So from a history, unique event perspective there is that.

But also, yeah it’s like totally non news for one person to be in the jury selection process for a trial.

The news is that Court room reporters via Fox were basically doing jurors.


The information getting out is on the Judge and how they manage their courtroom. Its their courtroom.


The judge can shut this down.


I mean those all seem like pretty decent examples of some one being a pedantic, pompous, “trying to constantly appear smart”, tool-bag.


You seem defensive.


The discussion is around him being an insufferable overly pedantic know it all, who often enough,just gets it wrong.


You can do much worse than NDT. His heart is very much in the right place.

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