Just as the Shinbet ignored their operatives warnings about the incoming 7th of October Hamas attacks, the FSB ignored the US warnings about this terrorist attack. My opinion is that this worked for Russia as intended. Russia was just looking for its very own 7th of October moment that they could stroke in the media to garner more support from the population, including from regime critical parts of the population. The moment the attack happened the Putin propaganda machine started pouring with “Ukraine did it” and not even two days later Ukraine is pummeled by one of the biggest rocket barrages since the start of the war, the biggest tank assault launched by Russia, and a new conscription law is signed to throw even more meat at the wall.


Too much projection here. Russia is not similar to Israel in this regard, it’s similar to hamas. Russia didn’t need this “moment”, Putin did. Rocket and tank attacks are not related to the reaction to this event, they are completely parallel and would have happened anyway, just as many previous similar attacks show.


Russia is an occupying force that uses tragedy to justify inflicting horrors on innocent people, much more comparable to Israel.


Nah it uses lies and fears for that. Real tragedies for Russians are mostly a result of Putin’s own failures and idiotic actions and don’t help much since people are forced to believe his narrative long before those happen. His 24th Feb is basically hamas’ 7th Oct.

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Thanks. I love a non-MSN link.


The U.S. officials familiar with the information that Washington shared with Moscow spoke on the condition of anonymity

They always do, don’t they.


Duh? Anyone in any government would say that


So you just trust them to be honest and truthful, and to not make stuff up in order to promote their narrative? I have this very nice bridge you will be interested in, great value only one previous owner.


Yeah right sure because whistleblowers never suffer any consequences


You do know that the person writing the article knows who they are, right?


How should I know? Just take their word for it? Trust corporate media?

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After the State Department told their Russian counterparts directly, they then told the world – via a public security release for State Department employees in Russia, with only the specific target withheld – on March 7 what they had told the Russians privately immediately prior:


I got the link from media articles that included it in post-attack coverage, which I first got from Lemmy immediately after the attack, and just now retrieved it all from my history, which means it was out there and well known.

It also means that in today’s episode of Stroke or Drunk? Putin is back again as a confused contestant. From today’s WaPo article on the same subject:

The Russian leader himself publicly dismissed U.S. warnings just three days before the March 22 attack, calling them “outright blackmail” and attempts to “intimidate and destabilize our society.” Archive link

Are you calling Vladimir Putin a liar? Are you saying he isn’t trustworthy? Are you implying strongly that his brain is being turned into mush by tertiary syphilis and he is delusional, unable to navigate even a simple calendar? Are you asserting that Vladimir Putin doesn’t know today from yesterday, or tomorrow from last month?

Because it sounds like you are.

Seeing what you’ve written makes me trust media more, and Putin less. Is that what you want? Because that’s what you got, lol.

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