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Nope I’m happy the way I am, I used to be insecure about my appearance and wanted to look more like a real man (I look unusually young and androgynous due to a hormonal/genetic condition) but I don’t really feel that way anymore and am mostly okay with the way I am now.


I am a trans woman. I started HRT around Nov 2022. However I’m trying to seek happiness with myself without any surgery. Only relying on HRT to get the effects I want.

Part of the reason for that decision is because I have health related issues that cause me to have a higher risk of infection from surgeries and diseases in general. Part of it is also uncertainty.

That said, I like where I’m at in the process though. And I’m pretty happy overall.

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I’ve been planning to do so 5 years before cracking my eggggg

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I started my medical transition 7 years (and 2 days) ago. Because I’m older, and have been working most of my life, I had funds saved in my government mandated superannuation fund (sort of like a 401K in the US). I was able to access it to cover all of my surgeries using those funds.

I’ve had pretty much every surgery available to trans fem folk, and rushed through them in the first couple of years of my medical transition, and they’ve done a great deal to alleviate my dysphoria, but I’m not sure I’d necessarily do them all the same way again if I had the chance to do over.

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I've been on HRT for over a year, and I feel so much better. I have ESP! (Estradiol Spironolactone Progesterone) 🥰️

I need bottom surgery. I think about it constantly. My recent meme on /traa expresses my emotional roller-coaster pretty well.


I do plan to transition, but that is realistically 4-5 years away, which sucks because I’m over 50 and only very recently realized I’m a trans woman. Tempus fugit and all that, but I want it done like tomorrow. So much wasted time already. I know the process needs to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

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Why is it 4-5 years away? It’s never too late to transition.


I was this years old when I realized I’m trans and the wait to even start a medical evaluation is about three years where I live and it’ll take a year or two. So before I get to the transition it’ll be at least 5 years. Fuck that’s depressing…

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Are you in the UK? I’ve heard about the NHS doing that to a lot of people.


No, a Nordic country. I’m not sure about why the queue is so long, but it is partly because they have trouble recruiting doctors and probably funding. It’s always money, right?

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Geez. That’s ridiculous you’d have to wait so long. From what I’ve heard in the UK it’s an intentional thing. I learned about this via the PhilosophyTube exposé and other trans people who live in the UK. Is there much anti trans sentiment and legislation in your country right now?

Also, there’s always going DIY. I don’t have many good resources on it but you could make a post on here and find some and learn about other people’s experiences with it.

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!transdiy has a bunch of information on DIY for anyone interested.

The instance it’s hosted on died long ago, but the information is still available.


I’ll have been on hrt for 1 month in 3 days, it’s been pretty nice. My symptoms were never crippling, but I’ve gone from being essentially dead inside to being able to feel a sense of wonder at the sunset <3 I was very worried that it wouldn’t help as most accounts I’ve read about trans peoples experiences are from people with more severe symptoms, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Also waiting for gel to dry sucks >:|

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Im assuming you’re on T since you mentioned gel? I’ll usually put on a muscle shirt in the morning and change once it’s dried or roll up one of the sleeves of a Tshirt.


E is also often applied as gel

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I didn’t realize that. I’ve mainly heard people talk about injections and pills.

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Many trans fem folk find it hard to get their preferred E levels with gel alone, and micro-dosing E isn’t as popular with trans fem folk as microdosing T is with trans folk, so you don’t hear gel talked about much. But for some people, gel is enough to meet their needs, and for others, it’s the only option that works for them.

It also sometimes gets used as a supplemental form of HRT. When I was on oral estrogen for example, I couldn’t get my E levels where I needed them to be through pills alone, so I took a supplemental gel in addition to the pills.


I’m on E. There are creams, patches, droppers, and sprays as well, but yes pills and injections are the most common (I think).

Edit: Also I don’t apply to the arm, but rather to my nethers, which is why it’s so impractical.


I’m about to start taking HRT. I have my next endo appointment next Tuesday and will probably get my first prescription there.

I want to medically transition because without I’m unable to achieve my desired body.


I started talking testosterone 11 years ago, I’ve only ever been on gel due to a needle phobia, and I had top surgery eight years ago. Testosterone straight up cured my depression (although I’m not sure it should be called depression but whatever) so that was pretty great.

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That’s awesome man


HRT cured my depression. I was nervous, but it blew my expectations out of the water.

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Same. I never thought I would be off them, but here I am. Really ironic considering all the condescending people who told me I just think I’m trans because I’m depressed.


If anything it’s going to be HRT. Too worried about complications and the definitive character of surgery for it to even be considered an option at this point.

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I plan to medically transition because that would make me happier. Dysphoria isn’t a big problem for me, it’s there but pretty subtle, so I probably could live as a man for the rest of my life but I would regret it.

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I’m at 8 months on HRT as of a couple of days ago.

As for why, the short answer is to find that piece of myself that’s been missing since puberty.

A hormonal transition always felt like something reserved for trans folks. I knew I wasn’t a cis man or a trans woman, but those were my only options in pre-Internet Texas. I told myself I could put up with it because I didn’t really have a choice, and for far too long, I didn’t.

Learning that amab enbies given the choice to tailor their protocol actually do report benefits from HRT was part of a series of significant coincidences and happy accidents that finally got me out of Texas for good.

Once I knew it was an option, it was as if the reality itself conspired to lead me here. Seriously. It’d take me half an hour to type out just the chain of events that culminated in my partners’ accidental adoption of a heat-stressed street husky which got them on board with moving north before I could even broach the subject. I find it’s best to listen when the universe is giving such a clear signal. XD

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Hey, so, umm. What are you talking about? What do you mean by

Learning that amab enbies given the choice to tailor their protocol

What makes your protocol different from that of a trans woman?

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I’m not taking an anti-androgen, just estradiol, finasteride, and progesterone.

Fal, avatar

What’s the intended effect? I guess I’m asking what changes are you interested in that makes you not take the anti androgen

knightly, avatar

I’m actively seeking a mixed gender presentation, so I don’t want to suppress my testosterone entirely. I want to keep my moustache and masculine sexual function, but feminize my body hair, soften my skin, grow some itty bitty titties, and make my figure more curvaceous.

I’d say I’m getting there! =D

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I’m looking this up now and it seems like estradiol can supress testosterone alone without an antiandrogen. Are the doses of your other meds lower than what someone fully mtf would take or something?

knightly, (edited ) avatar

Progesterone too, but as of my last testing my T levels are still in the low end of the “normal” range for men.

My hormonal dosages are fairly close to the minimum, 2mg oral E and 100mg P. Though, I’m on 5mg of Finasteride and the typical dose for treating hirsutism with that is 2mg.

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i would if it weren’t prohibitively expensive and i think i have to move out of this fuckhell state first

also it might be super difficult for me to get T regardless if i’m in a red or blue state

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I’m in a deep red state and have to travel to a neighboring state (also deep red) to get my t. It’s got to do with the bs age of adult laws. They should have it be the same age everywhere. Why can’t I make my own medical decision but go into the military and vote…makes no sense.

Anyway, might help to research prices on goodrx. A lot of times you can get it significantly cheaper. Injections are the cheapest and are usually only around $20. I found me an informed consent pcp, which made it relatively easy to get it. There’s a large list of clinics and drs in the US by state who will prescribe trans hrt that I can send you if you want.

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i have an informed consent clinic in mind (easily accessible by bus too since i cannot drive) but no idea how much the appointment is going to cost me and all my income anymore is from selling unwanted possessions after being denied medicaid and SSDI.

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Hmm…there are some grants you can get if you look around online. I came across some a while ago but forgot where I found them. Try trans and websites like that


Depending on where you live you might be eligible for your state specific expanded medicaid program. I couldn’t find a website that will let you look up what your state calls your plan but…/index.html will let you know if your state has such a program (all but 10 states have an expansion program). If your state does have an expansion program do a search for “[STATE] + medicaid expansion” to find your state run government website and you can see the eligibility requirements. The common requirements are that you don’t qualify for other assistance (medicaid and SSDI) and that you make less than 138% of the federal poverty level (​$20,783) so it sounds like you might qualify.

I was able to enroll in my states medicaid expansion program and get an appointment at an informed consent clinic that accepted the insurance. Both T and E are covered under my states plan but I don’t know if that applies to all states.

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i have actually looked into this before, and my state does not offer expanded medicaid, but thank you anyway


I’m post op (bottom). I made my body the way I wanted my body to be

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Which bottom surgery, if you don’t mind my asking.


Vaginoplasty, full depth, US style

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