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So the author both wants notifications and doesn’t want notifications.

Got it.

Sure sounds like a problem of their own making. And I find iOS’s notification taming rather simple to use. So I use it, and amazingly I have less notifications because of it!


I realized at somepoint I was ignoring everything on my phone because of the number of notifications. Now I disable EVERYTHING and only leave important stuff. I wish this was the default.


I did the same many months ago, though I suspect I may need to redo as I’ve been getting some really long notification piles when I don’t check my phone for a day…


Install app. Start app. “Allow notifications?” No.

Does iOS not do this?

Apps that I do allow notifications: when they become annoying I go to the notification, long hold > settings > notification categories. If they only have one category and don’t let me fine tune then I don’t need that app or just don’t need notifications from it. Back to settings I have other ways to customize that can make them less annoying like silence them.


iOS does that the first time you open the app. An app never opened can’t send notifications (it wouldn’t have registered).


The article has some valid points about wanting certain kinds of notifications from an app, and hating the spam notifications those apps send.

However, iOS does indeed allow you to grant or deny an app notifications permission on first launch, and my default is to always deny.

The only apps I allow notifications for are phone, calendar, messages, my tasks, and my automations (shortcuts and some associated apps)

Zworf, (edited )

I don’t really have any issues with it. Samsung has very fine-grained controls and most apps I simply don’t grant notification permissions at all. Also I put every single chat group in Whatsapp, Telegram etc on Mute by default which helps a lot against overload.

By the way, I give it a year or so by when phones can run a local AI to automatically filter the notifications you’re interested in.


Yeah I feel like they neglected to show how much more of a problem on iOS this is than Android.

On Android apps typically have their push notifications divided into different types and can almost always turn off the marketing notifications for an app while leaving the important ones on.

I dont see even half of these notifications on Android.


On Android apps typically have their push notifications divided into different types and can almost always turn off the marketing notifications for an app while leaving the important ones on.

Oh, iOS doesn’t have this? I didn’t realise. Android has had this for a good few releases now and I love that.


For Android users Buzzkill is also great for apps that don’t have granular enough notification settings. You can set up rules to make it automatically dismiss the notifications you don’t want to see.


I turned off all notifications for every app except Signal


I do a similar thing, enabling only the apps I want notifications, and I run “adb shell settings put global heads_up_notifications_enabled 0” to stop those annoying popups interrupting me. This should have been an option available in the configs, imo.


I actually like these popups, but only if they’re coming from notifications that I actually want to see. But it’s really weird that the option to turn them off is only accessible via adb, even iOS has this feature.


My rule has always been people can notify me, but bots/apps cannot. If I see a notification not from a person, it gets disabled. If it’s something I can practically do on a website, I don’t download the app.


This except for twitch streams


That’s a human action anyway though… Not a “it’s been a while since you opened our app time to drag you back” notification


True, not a personal human action though. I pretty much always want to see messages from people, but most of the time don’t care about stream notifications


The Amazon app, which for many years has faithfully executed its legitimate role as an app that helps me order stuff and track those orders, recently sent me a notification to let me know it thinks I might like some JBL headphones.

It made me furious. How dare they?


At least they normally let you selectively disable promotions


Really? That’s handy. Is that an Amazon config option or an iOS config option?


I’m not sure about on iOS, on android if you long press on any notification and go to disable it there are a bunch of toggleable notification categories

eveninghere, (edited )

You guys still check notifications? I have Infinite Scroll of notifications I never care enough about to spend time on doing anything about.


Tell me more!


I wondered how I replied to my friends. Then I recalled that I don’t have one.

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That would be anxiety personified for me


I used to do this but it ended up in me missing notifications I actually cared about

The best solution is as someone else mentioned, just mute apps that send obnoxious notifications when you see them

Different notification sounds for different kinds of notifications has been big as well, one for messages, a different one for twitch streams, and another for everything else that normally gets ignored


Install Graphene OS or Lineage OS as notifications for the majority of apps require Google Play Services and completely are killed without them.


Or just turn notifications off in your OS of choice, if having no notifications is a solution for you.

The problem is that some notifications are useful, and so completely axing notifications isn’t a very good solution.


I have a simple rule. If I install an app and it shows me any notification I don’t want to see, I immediately block it from having permission to do that.


Same… Have done for ages now. Don’t know how anyone puts up with the default behaviour.


The default now is that apps have to first request notification permissions, on both iOS and Android.


Most users are blindly accepting any and all requests by apps.


Yeah but that’s really their problem. I mean, the OS literally asks them to allow it. What more can you do?


At least Android also proactively asks them whether to disable notifications for an app if they always swipe them away, or if they haven’t used the app in a long time.


Not everyone has figured you can do that by long pressing the offending notification


This article seems strangely lacking in how it wants this goal to be achieved.


I wonder if there is a notification ad blocker with community-submittted sets of regex patterns that root users can use.

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If something’s going to try to grab my attention, it had better be worth my while. I block as many notifications as I can, both on my phone and my computer. I also try to avoid using apps for things unless I have to.


But don’t you want to open this website in our app so that we can better track you?

God I hate reddits mobile website, especially when you try to view an nsfw post

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Swap the “www” in the url for “old”. Desktop site but it doesn’t stop you viewing NSFW content.


I know. That’s what I always do but navigating a desktop site on mobile is horrible :(


Just abandon the site altogether. They do have good content but they’re user hostile.


Both on Android, and iOS, opting out of notifications solves most of the problems. You can do all on your own time without constant nagging, and leave notifications on for the communication channels you really need.

However, what I hate with passion are shopping and delivery apps that suffer with disabled notifications (I don’t know when things arrive, and that would ideally be good to know within seconds), but enabled notifications mean that there would be a lot of spam notifications about ordering and buying more.


Some apps let you customize notifications, some let the OS customize them… some get muted, and some uninstalled.

For example, Amazon lets you keep the account and delivery notifications, but disable the promotional ones.

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AliExpress is the worst at this. Which category should I disable? AliExpress, aliexpress, Chat or message push? And even if I figured it out, there’s no way to stop store spammers from sending you useless messages constantly, detracting from actual sellers with questions.

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Yeah, no way to lose my trust faster than abusing your notification privileges to send me spam.


shopping and delivery apps

So don’t use 'em.


On android long press a notification and it’ll show you which category of notification it is from that app, with the ability to disable just that one category if desired. E.g. advertisements and feedback reminders


Some apps don’t export the category, but still let you disable it from inside the app. In my book, they get a close pass.

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