Feedback: Review the red underline incorrect assignment to correct words from secondary keyboards. For example, if we have English keyboard as the primary keyboard with its own dictionary the words don’t get underlined red. If we change to a secondary keyboard, like for example Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc… and they have their own dictionaries, no matter if the word is correct it will get underlined in red like if is incorrect when it is not.

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awesome keyboard, thanks for sharing.

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

No prob! I’ve been really liking it so far.


Just figured out yesterday that OpenBoard is abandoned and jumped over to Heliboard, thanks to the announcement for 1.0 in this community. The top comment mentioning FUTO Voice Input, was also a great find.
The only annoying part is that I now have to retrain my recommendations for HB, since OB unlike HB, offers no way to extract your settings, and I found no method to access the settings files in newer Android. Thankfully, since HB offers import/export, it will be the last time.

DreadPotato, avatar

I just wish the autocorrect would work…at the moment there is zero difference when I change how aggressive it is in the settings, and it barely makes any suggestions or corrections to typos.


Can we get this on fdroid ?

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

Not sure if it’s in fdroid by default, but you can get it directly from the github repo through Obtainium.


Yea but that isn’t the same thing at all tho

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

Yeah I know, just listing options.


Ok just sayin so no one gets confused


Do you get a conflict error when updating via obtanium?

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

For the latest version from 1.0 going to 1.2, yes. They have a note about it. You need to uninstall 1.0 and reinstall 1.2 from Obtainium.

Just a quirk for this version only apparently.

Make sure to back up your configuration before uninstalling if you want to keep your settings.


Thanks. I had already uninstalled/reinstalled after commenting, just by chance. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to look at github… Thanks.

Glad it was only for this build.

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

No prob, and yeah I agree.

JustEnoughDucks, avatar

It’s also on izzyondroid, but only the previous version with the bug.

If someone is using auroradroid like they probably should right now, then it is easy to get it there. Hopefully the fixed build comes through soon


My favorite new feature here is vertically swiping the spacebar for vertical cursor movement. Not as good as iOS’s spacebar cursor implementation, but a welcome improvement over that of any other Android keyboard I have tried.

otter, (edited )

Oh that was fast. I just tried it and switched back to my default because of the bug.

I’ll try it again 😛


Looks good! Hello from HeliBoard

I had to uninstall and reinstall to fix the issue (updating with the new APK didn’t work). I’ll try it out a few days and see how it goes.

Is there a list somewhere of other stuff that’s being worked on? Some I’d enjoy:

  • better emoji support this looks OK, I was looking in the wrong place
  • gif insertion
  • on device translation while typing

Yeah, they butchered the signing key validity


With the ability to set bottom padding and the vibration issues being fixed. I feel like it is a good replacement for FlorisBoard.

Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

I’ve been using it for the last several weeks and I really like it!

BeatTakeshi, avatar

Is this the continuation of their fork of OpenBoard?

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    finally an open source platform for my open source helicopter

    Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

    Lol!!! Corrected it now haha.

    Lettuceeatlettuce, avatar

    Lol corrected it now.


    Autocorrect sucks

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