Honestly, the movie wasn’t bad. I was pleasantly surprised. Having said that, I refused to buy a ticket after seeing crystal skull 10 ish years ago on a midnight release. I was happy to wait for this to hit streaming to see if they atoned for the sin that was Crystal Skull.


They should have let him stay in Ancient Greece

jordanlund, avatar

Impossible, physical media doesn’t exist anymore. Heck I don’t have a single disk tray in my entire house.

jordanlund, avatar

You don’t, but there are millions upon millions of Xboxes and Playstations.


They are when you need an industry headline…

adam_y, avatar

Still think they should have gone with a story where indy has to steal back all of the artifacts he’s “acquired” and put in museums, returning them using time travel and having to outfox himself.

Last shot should be of a glass case in a museum with just his hat and the whip.


I would totally watch this.

andyburke, avatar

I didn't see whatever movie this link is about, just gonna imagine the final Indiana Jones movie was as described here.


It was be a whole lot better than the crystal skull.

viking, avatar

Not surprised, that was some unimaginative crap. Not as bad as the crystal skull, but light years behind the original trilogy.

Waldowal, avatar

Somehow, Archimedes returned


How does “Hollywood accounting” affect this? Did anyone actually lose money or are they able to just create losses on paper?

UKFilmNerd, (edited ) avatar

I forget his name right now, but I followed one of the writers of Bill & Ted on Twitter, he also wrote Men in Black. This was a couple of years ago but he showed a letter from Sony informing him that they still can’t pay any residual cheques because according to their accounting, Men in Black was still in the red.


They are the Men in Red!

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