FizzyOrange ,

Even if “isn’t that bad” were true, it’s hardly a stunning endorsement. I wish Linux aimed higher than “not that bad”, but it always seems to hit “only some bits are broken”.

marcos ,

I’ve had this one recently.

It gives you an error message, but creates the group anyway.

haui_lemmy , avatar

(some!) FOSS developers when you open an issue about it: works for me. Closed

(Disclaimer: I know not all foss devs are like this. Especially kde devs are awesome.)

marcos ,

Well, I didn’t report it (I’m not sure even how to categorize it), so I really don’t know how it would go.

TBH, I don’t even know what project hosts useradd. Never looked that up.

fortified_banana , avatar

Looks like you’re on Fedora Silverblue (or other Atomic version). This is happening because the system groups are in /usr/lib/group rather than /etc/group and this causes the issue you’re seeing here. You can work around it by getting into a root shell with something like

sudo -i

and then getting the group added to /etc/group with

grep -E ‘^dialout’ /usr/lib/group >> /etc/group

after that, you’ll be able to add your user to the group with

usermod -aG dialout pipe

pipe01 OP ,

Right on the money, that’s what I ended up doing. Thanks!

jkrtn ,

Is etc the mutable part? Would you have to do this again to add more users after a reboot?

fortified_banana , avatar

/etc is writable, so no reboots are required. That said, /etc is treated in a special way and each deployment will have its own /etc, based on the previous one.

So if you make changes to /etc then revert to a previous deployment, your changes will be reverted as well. But if you make changes and upgrade (or do whatever to create a new deployment), your changes will bu preserved.

jkrtn ,

That’s really helpful to understand the caveats, thank you.

frezik ,

Why can’t we keep system config things in /etc? It’s a method that works in unsurprising ways.

Artyom ,

Is that considered a feature for some reason? That seems objectively terrible.

fortified_banana , avatar

No, it’s a side effect of how everything’s handled by rpm-ostree currently, and it’s on the list of issues to be fixed.

See Here for more info

KindaABigDyl , avatar

It’s like when I run into some issue with how I’ve set up my system in NixOS and have to explain to a non-Linux user that it isn’t Linux that’s the issue but how I’m using an especially weird Linux lol

drspod ,

If you want to add an existing user to an existing group, use:

usermod -a -G <group> <user>

mojo_raisin ,

I like gpasswd -a <user> <group>

Kolanaki , avatar

Enter Password: ********

The password you entered is incorrect. Would you like to reset your password?


Please enter your new password: ********

New password cannot be the same as old password.


dditty , avatar
Dark_Arc , avatar

Yeah this one is ridiculous. There are some systems that have bounced my password … literally the one stored in a password manager … and gaslite me that I “must have forgotten my password.”

lemmyreader ,


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