OC Biggest Interstellar update yet: now on Google Play, Lemmy support, user/magazine mentions, and much more

I don't have a lot to say this time, but here's the biggest Interstellar update we've had so far. This update includes almost full support for Lemmy (notification viewing, direct messages, and post creation don't work yet though), there's a new user/magazine mentions feature, user profile pages now let you view a user's comments and follows, and even more listed below. Additionally, Interstellar is now out on Google Play to the public. Here's the full list of new features and fixes that were included in this update:


  • General Lemmy support, including account login, feed view, voting, commenting, viewing communities, viewing user profiles, searching, and more. The main features not included in this release are viewing notifications, viewing/interacting with direct messages, and creating new posts. Thanks @jwr1 and @olorin99.
  • Support for editing your user profile, including the about and uploading a new profile avatar and banner; thanks @olorin99.
  • Huge improvements to the user screen, including being able to view a user's threads, microblogs, comments, replies, follows, and followers; thanks @olorin99.
  • A new user/magazine mention feature; if a user/magazine mention is detected in markdown, it tries to fetch the corresponding avatar and name and allows you to click to view the user/magazine page if available.
  • Support for blocking users, magazines, and domains.
  • Support for reporting posts and comments.
  • Show a copy button on the open link dialog.
  • Show an option for posts and comments to open them in a browser.
  • Add local filter to magazines explore.


  • Add post/comment deletion confirmation.
  • Fix account list sorting to go by host, then the local name.
  • Fix the coloring for the subscribe button so it's easier to tell when you're subscribed or not.
  • Hide the error snack bar for several common errors, including render layout issues and image loading issues.
  • Fix empty search error from the search screen.

GitHub: github.com/jwr1/interstellar
Magazine: !interstellar
Matrix: #kbin-interstellar:matrix.org
Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=one.jwr.interstellar

Just as a side note, those who have the app previously installed will need to re-signin into their accounts and might need to clear their app data if the app doesn't start up, as a few changes have been made with the way accounts are stored.

Gamers_Mate ,

Nice I will have to check it out.

Badabinski ,

This is excellent news! I've been installing from GitHub for a while and have been really pleased with how fluid the app is.

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