yeah this is exactly how it works for “self-driving” cars:…/cruise-av-operations-require-1-…


For cruise, yes


The self-driving cars secretly being driven by somebody is literally the plot to Captain Laserhawk


It’s also already happening. Waymo admitted to needing wayyyy more manual interventions than they let on


I mean ask Apple or Google how many people listen to their voice systems to manually improve them for accuracy…you have to train the AI somehow


Yeah except with there being only 27 stores in the US that use this tech if you have 1000 people reviewing the purchases is it really a machine learning system or are you just outsourcing the process to people in another country.


You still have to keep training the Model. These stores were in large busy markets, and having people watch and critique the AI is how they continually train the model. It took Apple over 8 years to ‘announce’ they’re doing on device voice recognition(they probably aren’t), and that was just voice recognition and LLM training vs image recognition which is hard on its own. Let alone tracking a person THROUGH a store, recognizing that someone picked something up and took it vs put it back or left it on another row.

The real reason this probably happened is because those 1000 people training the model reported metrics of failures on top of the stores showing losses due to error. The margin of error was probably greater than they wanted. Or add in the biometric data they had integrated into it adding more layers of cost and privacy protection…it probably just doesn’t return the money they wanted and they’ll try again in a few years probably utilizing more RFID on top of the image recognition and people tracking.

KingThrillgore, avatar

Recommendations for rectification:

Stop being a Chargers fan. Jesus christ look at what the Spanos have done to you.


Waymo and Cruise definitely have humans waiting to take over if the autonomous mode gets stuck… so that’s already true!


Its not about automation; its about making labor fungible, kinda like the garmet industry-local workers rights happen, call center instantly relocates.

This is the globalization you get while jacking off with the monkey paw.

peyotecosmico, (edited )

If it’s true that’s just plain dystopian sci-fi fking wrong.

Forget mad max and those movies reality is worse

TheBat, avatar

Tfw I accidentally alt-tab from GTA to Drive From Home application and launch passenger’s taxi off the ramp for stunt bonus.


You can’t just steer people into bridge abutments

So thaaaaaat’s what happened with the Francis Scott Key Bridge.


How long is it gonna take for them to use data created by those indians to train their AI model and replace them?


Long enough for people to organize or nah?


They’ve surely started working on it already. Current “AI” (LLMs) aren’t perfect. They require constant human adjustments.

I’m an auditor for a “machine learning” algorithm’s work, and it develops new incorrect processes faster than it corrects them. This is because corrections require intervention, which involves a whole chain of humans, whereas learning new mistakes can happen seemingly spontaneously. The premise of machine learning is that it changes over time, but it has no idea which changes were good until it gets feedback.

So, to answer your question, I’m sure they’re throwing a ton of money at that. But when will it be viable, if ever?

EndlessKnotBoi, avatar

I’m all for casheirs and taxi drivers working from home if this translates to that.


You know, as someone who’s been a cashier and a taxi driver, I can see both of those being vaguely plausible.

Probably moreso if businesses actually embraced remote work.


It’s going to translate into a trained AI that takes all of those jobs.


Will knowledge workers e-riot hard enough for UBI?

Tell me Y Combi will email their buddies again… they better!

TotallynotJessica, avatar

You mean the thing they were advertising in the first place? That’s some false advertising inception. Somehow, that only makes it worse.


Cashiers, sure. Drivers? No thank you. If we get into a situation, I want to make sure they feel the urgency with me.


Everyone knows that in the near future all taxi driving will be relegated to Robert Picardo.


I swear I remember hearing about a science fiction story where the “self-driving” cars actually just had people hidden in them.

Swedneck, avatar

scifi dystopia future where a race of gnomes are created to sit inside things and play mechanical turk

Holyhandgrenade, avatar

I watched this sketch comedy show in Iceland as a kid, where every week they had a section called “the men behind the curtains”. It was just people hidden away inside ATMs, vending machines etc. pretending it was a machine doing the work.


Slow march to 40k servitors not looking far fetched. Why develop an AI/algorithm when you have no moral conscience and can just make a human do it.




No, there are no cars in that, although I get the connection.

This was a short story or novel I think, but I haven’t read it just heard about it.


Makes sense, I was just joking :)


Wrong Way by Joanne McNeil


I remember trying MTurk out back in the day to try and make money on the side. It’s such a mind numbing activity. Doesn’t surprise me that this is still the model for smart “automated” systems like this.

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