Peggle is fucking great.

I unironically love Peggle so much.

Almost as much as a good pegging.


I love it in every sense of the word


I know, but this game is fucking awesome!


It really is a great game. I bought it during the last sale for $0.99 and have already played it for 30+ hours. You wouldn’t think a game like this would have such a skill curve, but the later challenges genuinely require a lot of strategizing. It’s very fun!


we be doing a little trolling on the fediverse


I get the feeling this is somehow going to get more facebook moms who somehow get their hands on these than it is going to get people on here. Which is still stupidly funny.


No love for the roguelite peglin? I love pegging!


I’ve been addicted to Peglin lately. It’s a fantastic game with more depth than Peggle


Played the demo, it was pretty good. Should get the full game some day

Interstellar_1, avatar

It’s available on mobile, which is really nice when you want to do some pegging and you’re out of the house.

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