Are you running a Tor Relay?

Hiya, so been on the lookout for different services that I could help host for others to benefit from. I think TOR is a great project, and I’d like to contribute. So been thinking about hosting a TOR relay lately, and wondering how people’s experience is with running one? Please correct me if I’m wrong - but as far as I...

When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?

Practically every email I’ve received in maybe the past year has started with “I hope you are well”. I even had an LLM draft a placeholder email for me and it started with the same thing. This has not always been the case and it’s strange to me that everyone I interact with begins their emails with this line. Frankly,...

Safest way of using WeChat on Android?

I live in Canada. My girlfriend is Chinese (also living in Canada), and while we are able to communicate via SMS, her mobile carrier isn’t the best, and so there have often been issues for us with regular texting. She expressed a strong preference to use WeChat, at least as a backup option for when texting fails us. While I...

What are the most mindblowingly creative, inventive, or otherwise otherworldly albums you know of?

One of my favorite things to do while stoned is listen to albums that are really unique, artful, and/or jam packed with soul and energy, as in that head space music just hits completely differently and it just lends to me finding a deep love and appreciation for the art of music. What’re some of your favorites?

Looking for FOSS GitHub Client

I’ve been looking around for a good GitHub client on my degoogled phone, but have had trouble finding a still-maintained one that’s ready to use. I find that I just default to opening URLs in Fennec, which is far from ideal as I have to load the whole website (and it’s quite laggy on my Pixel 3a). So I turn to Lemmy: what...

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