It looks like someone shot my cat on Thursday while I was at work. (

I can home and found a mark on each side of his face, thought a dog had attacked him, or something. Today I cleaned it again and noticed a perfectly round hole on the right side, in the middle of all the stained fur, and what looked like an exit wound on the other side.

Ukraine weapons package ‘ready to go’ once aid bill clears Congress (

The Pentagon has a massive infusion of military aid for Ukraine “ready to go,” U.S. officials said, once a long-delayed funding measure, which is expected to pass the House this weekend, clears the Senate next week and President Biden signs it into law....

Safest way of using WeChat on Android?

I live in Canada. My girlfriend is Chinese (also living in Canada), and while we are able to communicate via SMS, her mobile carrier isn’t the best, and so there have often been issues for us with regular texting. She expressed a strong preference to use WeChat, at least as a backup option for when texting fails us. While I...

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